GOAL: You must at least start on #4 by the end of class in order to not lose class work points on your progress report.

1. Work with your partner. Clickevich on this site.

2. Write the questions and your answers on a blank piece of lined paper. Stop after you answer the questions, don't do the poster or other activities listed on the site.

3. Look up the following words and phrases from the Declaration of Independence to find out what they mean. If the links don't work, go to Google or Wikipedia.
On the same piece of paper, write down the phrases and what they mean in your own words. Don't just copy from the Internet.

4. Now look at the worksheet. Using the vocabulary words that are underlined + the online research that you did, translate the original phrases into your own words.
If you need help, look at this website. Don't copy what it says, just read it to help you understand the phrases, then rewrite them in your own words.

5. Exit Ticket. 3 questions. Best scoring class gets an extra Rafflevich, if the score is above 60%

Day 2
GOAL: You must finish the mind map + have at least 1/2 a page of writing completed by the end of class to avoid losing class work points on your progress report.

1. Complete the worksheet from yesterday, if you haven't already.

2. Pick a phrase from yesterday's work on #3. Draw a mind map with at least 6 concepts connected to that phrase. Below is a sample mind map of Shakespeare's plays. Look at it before you start.
Sample Mind Map.jpg

Your mind map must:
  • Be on unlined paper.
  • Have a drawing for each of the concepts (total of 6 drawings).
  • Use at least 2 colors.

3. Write 1 SUTW page about the phrase that you picked. Introduction, 2 RAPS, 4 EEs.

Introduction: I picked the phrase because it is important for Americans' freedom for 2 reasons. OR
I picked the phrase because it relates to my life in 2 ways.