On the same piece of paper, write down and answer the following questions. Don't forget to cite your sources for full credit.
1.) Where was Frederick Douglass born?
2.) What was the most important event in Douglass’s young life?
3.) What important skill did Sophia Auld give Douglass?
4.) Identify the importance of this date to Douglass’s life: September 3, 1838.
5.) Why were Douglass's speeches more powerful for his audience than the speeches of white abolitionists?
6. Summarize the main idea of Douglass's speech "The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro."
7. In your opinion, was Douglass being unpatriotic when he criticized slavery in the USA on the nation's birthday? Why or why not? 2-3 sentences.


Write 1/2 a page or a 6 panel comic strip answering the following question: What were the early events of Douglass’s life that showed he would one day be a strong leader? CITE AT LEAST 2 SOURCES. The film "Frederick Douglass" can count as one source.